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Custom Crafted Clothing

more than what came before

Our Pantsuits

These one-piece garments, like our Powersuits, are vintage inspired- made with quality retro fabrics and vintage trims or based on popular styles from the past.

Posh Pantsuit

What is New?......What isn't old?

Moving forward takes a step back. It's time to incorporate new vintage clothes into your doll collection and put the time capsule clothing tenderly aside. Our suits are the right mix of past and present, celebrating the classics while treasuring the trends of this time now.

New is old and old is new

Lace Satin Pantsuit

Style. Quality. Fit. Price.

Our suits are made with love. Made for dolls with curls and curves, hips and heels. Made with flirty flounces, romantic ruffles, daring decolletages and flattering flares. Made of the finest materials, right here in the United States, by our own creative team. Made to fit an assortment of dolls, ranging from 11 inches to 24 inches, across different brands.

Harem Pantsuit

Suit Up. Size Down.

size matters

Have a vintage doll? Keep it. Store it. Restore it. Display it. And we will suit your doll perfectly. Our suits are tailored to fit several different dolls and body types. No need to settle. One size is not for all.

We do not offer custom orders, however we do encourage recommendations, considerations and suggestions to help expand our collection of dolls and dollwear. Feel free to reach out to us.

  • Evil Eye Suit

    Are essentially jumpsuits with classic styling and simple trimmings. This collection is playful, colorful and full of attitude.

  • Floral Suit

    Are very snug, usually printed knits with removable, optional accessories and affordably priced. Always offered for 11"-13" fashion dolls and the long limbed 19"- 20" fashionistas.

  • Polka Dot Satin Suit

    Are not just for play. Our playsuits come in satin as well, sophisicated satin prints, satin brocades and polished solid satins.

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