Our Team

  • Ripley

    There's just enough time to squeeze in a few constructive comments about dolls and the clothing she introduced..."Yes". "No". "Like". "It's OK."....in between school, homework, dance classes, affinity groups, anime and social media. Her fondest memories? Playing dolls with Nana until she nodded off to sleep. And when asked about her favorite doll, her reply is simply, "I don't have one."

  • Tanya

    It's simple. The vision is to offer affordable, American made items with style, quality and accessibilty. Partnering with family, artisans, entrepreneurs and small businesses, designs come to life in her studio. From concept to packaging. As a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and with over 20 years in NYC's fashion industry as a technical designer, she brings Ripley's fascination with fashion and Priscilla's devotion to dolls together. A collaboration of Old and New. Past and Present.

  • Priscilla

    Known as the Cat Lady, this retired firecracker is not afraid to share her opinions about what looks better, sells faster and what a customer wants. A long time alumni of Motherhood University and Barbie Buyers Anonymous, she enjoys sharing her love of dolls to all- domestic cats, feral felines, four-legged fur balls, pet friendly humans and her daughters. One is never too young or too old for dolls. After all, collecting them is timeless and dolls are ageless...just like the Cat Lady.

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